Logic Pro X 10.5: massive update for Apple’s DAW

For once, Apple announced the release of a new version 10.5 for Logic Pro X via press release, to be found in source. There is a very simple reason for this, the update in question of the digital audio workstation (DAW) brings many new features, some of which are particularly expected by users.

Emphasis on creating loops

Logic Pro X 10.5 introduces a new way of producing or playing songs, Live Loops. This is a new view in which it is possible to launch and record sequences of MIDI patterns and / or audio loops. 

The cells containing the loops are organized vertically. The Live Loops are reminiscent of a similar functionality seen on other competing DAWs like Ableton Live or even Bitwig Studio.

The EXS24 sampler finally updated

Another major innovation in Logic Pro X 10.5 is the arrival of new modules and the redesign of old ones. Finally, the EXS24 sampler benefits from a new design. It is now called Sampler soberly, but remains at least as powerful as its ancestor, while being much more ergonomic. Here is the guide on How to install Logic Pro X on windows. read more


A hard disk is a key part of the computer that is under heavy load (reading and writing almost continuously). It contains your operating system, your software, your data, in short, it is essential in computing.

Unfortunately, it can happen that your hard drive encounters problems that can manifest themselves by slowing down your computer, crashes or untimely restarts.

The simplest way to resolve this is to recover your windows files which will automatically delete the corrupted files. You can download the ISO for your windows XP and install it on your windows pc.


A hard drive is often a bit fragile and has a limited lifespan, hence the importance of making backups of your data and backing up the operating system. But before you change your hard drive or format it, you can already try to correct any Windows related errors on your hard drive by following this tutorial. Chances are that this will help you repair your Windows and your computer will return to normal behavior!


Apart from strictly hardware problems, your operating system can cause errors: read more

Download Notepad++ (version stable)

Notepad ++ is a text editor like no other. It allows you to edit codes, supports several programming languages ​​and many others.

Free and generic, the Notepad ++ text editor was developed in C ++ (hence its name) and colors the code entered according to the syntax. It was created by computer scientist Don Ho, a graduate of Paris VII University. Notepad ++ is based on Scintilla which allows to have a simple and light editor. These criteria are valid both in terms of size, code and execution. It is intended to be a more sophisticated alternative to Windows Notepad. On Linux we can find Kate or Gedit as an alternative. While the modification of a file is done, the software gives you the possibility of using it, it will then ask you if you want to reload it.


The software allows you to modify documents or programs in several languages ​​such as C, Java, C #, SQL, Objective-C, PHP, HTML, Perl, Python, R, Scheme, Lisp, Assembler, PostScript, XML, Java, Lua , Ruby, Shcheme, Makefile, Pascal, and many others. The possibility of creating your own syntax highlighting is even given to you whatever the language. It is appreciated by users because it is free and very light, so it downloads quite easily. But it’s not just these criteria. The software is simple and the creation, modification and saving of documents is done quickly and easily. Beginners will certainly not get lost. Despite its size you will see relevant options such as indentation, case modification, encoding management (charset), auto completion, word search. read more

Download TeamViewer 13 (latest version)

You have a friend who has trouble using their computer but is miles away from you. TeamViewer is your solution. But what it is ?


Teamviewer is a software that allows you to connect several remote devices through the internet. You will be able to take control of a computer located kilometers from you. It is available and can connect PC with a PC, a PC with a mobile and vice versa on Windows, iOS, Android, Windows 10 mobile, Blackberry, Chrome OS, Linux and MacOS. Temaviewer 13 is compatible with most recent operating systems. You do not need any configuration for the software to work. Just enter the ID and authorize and off you go.


TeamViewer is widely used by IT technicians. It allows you to take charge of a computer remotely for an intervention. It allows the management of contacts and computers. You can create groups and share contacts and computers as you wish. Version 13 provides a well-developed user and device management system. The possibility of adding devices as well as users is possible. Rights can then be given and groups shared. Data access is therefore quick, even without a password. File transfer comes with this new version of TeamViewer. You will be able to share your data without limitation of size with a speed of up to 200MB / s. Many other features such as remote printing, session recording, support for multiple screens. Queue management, connection to devices and many more are included in TeamViwer 13 read more

Download NoxPlayer (premium version 2019)

We often try to adapt applications for PC to Android. NoxPlayer (Nox App Player) will give you the opportunity to do the opposite. Thus, it gives you the opportunity to use the Google mobile operating system on your computer. In other words, you will be able thanks to NoxPlayer, to have the applications of your Android mobile, on your PC.

Game description

NoxPlayer was inspired by Android 4.4.2 kernel. Also, it takes advantage of its affinity with Windows 10. In order to facilitate the search and installation of Android applications in this emulator that is NoxPlayer, it has integrated Google Play Store.
The installation of NoxPlayer is rather simple. You don’t have to be a geek to be able to configure and use it. The loading is done automatically and you will see the Android home page, displayed on your PC in the same way as it would on a mobile.

Thanks to its APK manager, NoxPlayer allows you to import applications of the same format, from your computer to your virtual Android device. Also, the display type can be changed in the NoxPlayer settings. read more

Download USBFix for PC

Having antivirus protection for your computer is good, but it is not enough. You should also remember to protect your external storage devices (hard drive or USB key). This is where this software comes in. Discover the many advantages of using USBFix!


Your USB key is attacked by a computer virus? Or is it your external hard drive? The solution available to you is to download the USBFix software. Indeed, USBFix is ​​utility software, the purpose of which is to guarantee the protection and proper functioning of your various storage devices. 

First, it scans your USB sticks or external hard drives, to detect potential threats. Then, he proceeds to delete those that he considers to be “viral” for your support. But that’s not all, otherwise it would not be USBFix. In addition to this function, the USBFix software is also able to repair some of your files when they are damaged. These include hidden files or registry files. As well, if you need protection to counter future risks of infection on your various devices, USBFix responds effectively. It has an option that allows it to immunize your equipment in some way against possible attacks. read more

Download XMind for PC

XMind software was developed by XMind Ltd. It allows the creation of concept maps, as well as flowcharts, mind maps, plans, and more, based on your own ideas. It is easy to use and you can modify your organizational charts to your liking. So you have the option to insert whatever you want.

Your creations can be attached to document, print or be exported to different formats such as: HTML, image, text, or others. Thanks to XMind you could capture your ideas, make your thoughts clear, and better manage the rather complex information that reaches you.


With XMind, you have the opportunity to design real planning, by yourself. Among the various functions it has, you have keyboard shortcuts which will help to quickly transcribe your thoughts. You could classify them into themes and sub-themes, which will be in the form of boxes. Markers are there if you want to prioritize. The opus will take into account the order of priority that you have established.

XMind has advanced technology, which it uses to analyze and connect tasks to each other. When the software detects information that lacks relevance, it quarantines it. If you want to move or copy the branches of your organization charts, the method provided by XMind will make your job easier. The formatting of your texts can be modified to your liking, with the fonts and markers at your disposal. XMind can support 10 tools such as HTML and PowerPoint. read more