Logic Pro X 10.5: massive update for Apple’s DAW

For once, Apple announced the release of a new version 10.5 for Logic Pro X via press release, to be found in source. There is a very simple reason for this, the update in question of the digital audio workstation (DAW) brings many new features, some of which are particularly expected by users.

Emphasis on creating loops

Logic Pro X 10.5 introduces a new way of producing or playing songs, Live Loops. This is a new view in which it is possible to launch and record sequences of MIDI patterns and / or audio loops. 

The cells containing the loops are organized vertically. The Live Loops are reminiscent of a similar functionality seen on other competing DAWs like Ableton Live or even Bitwig Studio.

The EXS24 sampler finally updated

Another major innovation in Logic Pro X 10.5 is the arrival of new modules and the redesign of old ones. Finally, the EXS24 sampler benefits from a new design. It is now called Sampler soberly, but remains at least as powerful as its ancestor, while being much more ergonomic. Here is the guide on How to install Logic Pro X on windows.

Note that a simplified version of the Sampler is also in the game, it is the Quick Sampler. The latter will be particularly useful for percussive sounds.

But still ?

And for even more creative possibilities, Apple has also integrated into its software a Step Sequencer, which facilitates the assembly of rhythmic patterns in particular, but not only.

Many other additions are also at the rendezvous, like those listed below. But to know everything on the subject, we invite you to consult the Apple press release available at the source of this article.

Similarly you can install other apps like notability and xpadder.

Some other notable new features:

  • Improvement of the Drum Machine Designer module, formerly Ultrabeat
  • New Drum Synth module
  • New Remix FX
  • New always-on audio capture function
  • Improved iOS Logic Remote app for iPhone and iPad
  • Improved drag and drop support

The update is free and more than welcome. It allows Logic Pro X not to fall too far behind competing DAWs. It also guarantees that it will retain, for a few more years, its status as a solution offering the best value for money on the market.