Download XMind for PC

XMind software was developed by XMind Ltd. It allows the creation of concept maps, as well as flowcharts, mind maps, plans, and more, based on your own ideas. It is easy to use and you can modify your organizational charts to your liking. So you have the option to insert whatever you want.

Your creations can be attached to document, print or be exported to different formats such as: HTML, image, text, or others. Thanks to XMind you could capture your ideas, make your thoughts clear, and better manage the rather complex information that reaches you.


With XMind, you have the opportunity to design real planning, by yourself. Among the various functions it has, you have keyboard shortcuts which will help to quickly transcribe your thoughts. You could classify them into themes and sub-themes, which will be in the form of boxes. Markers are there if you want to prioritize. The opus will take into account the order of priority that you have established.

XMind has advanced technology, which it uses to analyze and connect tasks to each other. When the software detects information that lacks relevance, it quarantines it. If you want to move or copy the branches of your organization charts, the method provided by XMind will make your job easier. The formatting of your texts can be modified to your liking, with the fonts and markers at your disposal. XMind can support 10 tools such as HTML and PowerPoint.

About XMind

This version of XMind is version 7.5. By virtue of its license, it is free software, released on June 28, 2016. When downloaded, it is 143.28 MB in size. Its interface is in English.