Download TeamViewer 13 (latest version)

You have a friend who has trouble using their computer but is miles away from you. TeamViewer is your solution. But what it is ?


Teamviewer is a software that allows you to connect several remote devices through the internet. You will be able to take control of a computer located kilometers from you. It is available and can connect PC with a PC, a PC with a mobile and vice versa on Windows, iOS, Android, Windows 10 mobile, Blackberry, Chrome OS, Linux and MacOS. Temaviewer 13 is compatible with most recent operating systems. You do not need any configuration for the software to work. Just enter the ID and authorize and off you go.


TeamViewer is widely used by IT technicians. It allows you to take charge of a computer remotely for an intervention. It allows the management of contacts and computers. You can create groups and share contacts and computers as you wish. Version 13 provides a well-developed user and device management system. The possibility of adding devices as well as users is possible. Rights can then be given and groups shared. Data access is therefore quick, even without a password. File transfer comes with this new version of TeamViewer. You will be able to share your data without limitation of size with a speed of up to 200MB / s. Many other features such as remote printing, session recording, support for multiple screens. Queue management, connection to devices and many more are included in TeamViwer 13


TeamViewer 13:

  •  Has a free version,
  •  Doesn’t need long installation,
  •  Has a simple and easy to use interface.