Download Notepad++ (version stable)

Notepad ++ is a text editor like no other. It allows you to edit codes, supports several programming languages ​​and many others.

Free and generic, the Notepad ++ text editor was developed in C ++ (hence its name) and colors the code entered according to the syntax. It was created by computer scientist Don Ho, a graduate of Paris VII University. Notepad ++ is based on Scintilla which allows to have a simple and light editor. These criteria are valid both in terms of size, code and execution. It is intended to be a more sophisticated alternative to Windows Notepad. On Linux we can find Kate or Gedit as an alternative. While the modification of a file is done, the software gives you the possibility of using it, it will then ask you if you want to reload it.


The software allows you to modify documents or programs in several languages ​​such as C, Java, C #, SQL, Objective-C, PHP, HTML, Perl, Python, R, Scheme, Lisp, Assembler, PostScript, XML, Java, Lua , Ruby, Shcheme, Makefile, Pascal, and many others. The possibility of creating your own syntax highlighting is even given to you whatever the language. It is appreciated by users because it is free and very light, so it downloads quite easily. But it’s not just these criteria. The software is simple and the creation, modification and saving of documents is done quickly and easily. Beginners will certainly not get lost. Despite its size you will see relevant options such as indentation, case modification, encoding management (charset), auto completion, word search. read more